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#1 Rated Dentist in Richmond!!!.....

Dr. Dave, Richmond Dentist, Vancouver Dentist, Prosthodontist, Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Beer, Pizza

(as voted on by my mom and dad)

...... is an example something that dentists in BC are no longer allowed to put on their websites and advertising materials.

The College of Dental of Surgeons of BC has updated advertising and promotional regulations and dentists have until March 1st of 2018 to comply. Some of the revisions include:

-No more patient testimonials.

-If pricing is stated on advertising, it has to be the full total, with no hidden charges.

-No more misleading statements such as, "pain-free", "state-of-the-art", or "perfect smile".

-No more advertising "free (blank) treatment" with an examination......because it puts treatment before diagnosis.

-No more addressing oneself as "cosmetic dentists" or "implant dentists".....because those are not recognized specialties here in BC.

-No more a bajillion letters after your name for whatever society you have joined.....just your registration status (Dentist, Specialist etc). more referring to awards such as "top dentist as voted by readers of whatever newspaper"

I guess I have to put away my participation ribbons from my grade 6 track meet now.


For more information check out the college website:

Dr. Dave

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