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  • Dr. David Alfaro

We Have Reopened!

We’re Back! Thank you to everyone who has visited the office and to my hard working team!

Overall, it has been a smooth entry into the reality of running a dental practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very lucky to be living in an area that has taken this seriously and that has flattened the curve dramatically. Our region has had one of the best responses in the entire world!

But...we are outliers. There are areas within our nation (and our neighbours down south) that have not taken this as a serious risk, and we are seeing the dramatic impact of reopening the economy in an environment full of deniers and socially irresponsible beings. The outright refusal to believe in the severity of this pandemic and the selfishness of putting oneself or the economy before others has caused the virus to be at record levels across many parts of the world--and has not saved the economy.

Some people reading this will think that I am one of those “brainwashed sheeple living in a state of fear” and am part of a “medical system conspiracy” where I have lost independent thought and am pandering to the needs of big pharma. I am a dentist after all, right?

It is easy to stand on a social media pedestal and to preach the oppressive attack on civil liberties of this “plandemic” when you and your loved ones are at low risk, or you are not putting yourself and loved ones at risk simply by going to work, or you just plain refuse to acknowledge the risk.

We frontline health workers do not have the luxury of assuming that if someone gets sick that it will just be a mild flu. We do not have the luxury of working from home. If we stay away from work because of fear of getting sick, other people suffer.

As healthcare professionals, persons working in the dental field have the highest risk of getting exposed to all sorts of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV2, of pretty much any job out there. We are responsible for the wellbeing of thousands of people, many of whom fall into high risk categories.

Even if we are working with a healthy population, it is those who can walk around without being significantly affected by this virus that are causing the greatest damage to those who are at risk, by unknowingly spreading it.

There is no denying this now.

So we are taking this pandemic seriously, even though our community has not seen a large number of cases. When you come visit us you will see that things have changed. Entry to our office will be in a highly regulated manner. You will be expected to disinfect your hands, wear a mask and to place all of your belongings into a bag; especially cell phones. There is a lot of new paperwork for your first visit back. People who find this offensive will kindly be asked to not enter the office.

Our team will be wearing enhanced protective equipment for virtually all procedures-- even though our regulatory bodies have not mandated this when the community COVID-19 risk is low. We will be wearing gowns, N95 respirators, surgical masks, faceshields and caps for every procedure and will only be wearing our customary protective equipment for quick examinations. The office has been outfitted with a new HVAC system with HEPA filtration and UV disinfection of the clinic air. The number of patients we will see a day has significantly dropped to reduce contacts.

It has not been easy for us to implement all of these changes. Just like for all of the small businesses across the globe, enduring this pandemic has truly been a challenge and will have long term repercussions. But, we are back and we appreciate your support and patience as we reopen in a limited capacity and work to find our new rhythms and workflows.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us reopen! We appreciate everyone's patience with our new changes and for helping us create a safe place to provide care during this world crisis.

See you soon!

Dr. Dave

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