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The Consultation

Specialty/Referral Dentistry at Nelson Avenue Dental

Prosthodontic Consultation

Specialty Dentistry 

Dr. David Alfaro: Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics

  • dental implant surgery and restoration

  • complex crown and bridge dentistry

  • full mouth rehabilitation

  • cosmetic dentistry


  • management of the compromised dentition

  • extractions and bone grafting

Seeing the specialist

Whether you have you been referred to our office for specialty dental services by your general dentist, or you are looking for an opinion for yourself, the process begins with a comprehensive dental examination.....even if it is for something specific like a dental implant.

Many times, further assessment, including a dental CT Scan, virtual smile/bite design, and consultation with other health professionals will be required in order to put together a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

You will be given a consultation report and your referring dentist will also get their own report in order for you to discuss our recommendations with them. 

Please note:

If you have been referred to us by your general dentist, as an office policy, we insist that you return to them for your general dental needs, even though we do offer those services at our office.


As a combination, specialty/general dentist practice it is important for us to foster strong relationships with our neighbouring dentists.

Please get in touch for if you have any questions.

Check out the resources page for more information.

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