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We Now Provide "Virtual Consultations"

We can help you, no matter where you are!

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced us to temporarily close our doors. We are in this fight together.

Do not worry; we are still here for you!

Dr. Dave will be providing online consultations for both existing patients and for patients who are not registered at the office.

We can help get you through any pain and discomfort you are experiencing and refer you to an emergency dental clinic in your area if you are needing treatment.

It is also a great opportunity for you to ask a specialist those dental questions you have always had.

You are not alone!

How the Consults Work

  1. If you are not a patient of the office, please download and complete our "registration form".
    You can access it here: FORMS. This page also has outlines for both emergency and informative virtual consultations.

  2. Contact Dr. Dave via email: and explain your situation. Please attach your completed registration form if you are not an existing patient of our office.

  3. Consultations will be via the telemedicine video conference platform. 

  4. The fee for this service will be $60 (15 minutes) and has an insurance code of 05201. Payment will be preferred via e-transfer. We will not submit this claim to your insurance for you; please familiarize yourself with the submission process and we will prepare you an invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

  5. Please have up to date medical and medication histories available. Previous dental x-rays would help!

  6. If you are ready for a consult, Dr. Dave will send you a link to the chatroom to get started. We can see each other face to face, transfer files, and most importantly, it is over a secure connection.

We are limited in what we can do over video conference, but if you need to be seen by a dentist, we can arrange a referral to an emergency clinic in your area.

If you are not having a dental concern, but are interested in obtaining some dental information, please feel free to use this service. It is a great opportunity to speak to a dental specialist! We will not be providing medicolegal advice over this service; these will be informative discussions only. 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Dave with any questions:

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