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My dad bod experience....

For those of you who have been following along on my former employer's website, you will recall that I tended to write about non-dental stuff quite frequently. As a kinesiologist and lifetime gym rat I enjoy learning about the science of healthy living and exercise, and like to apply my findings to my own diet and workout programs.

The last few months of my life have been hectic. I had a very abrupt departure from my previous job, and was left scrambling to find work. But life has a way of working things out, and I met Dr. Ma, a periodontist who had a great little office in Richmond (where I went to highschool), and we have had a very successful transition of the office.

As smoothly as things have gone, these last 4 or 5 months have been very stressful. I went from a great job to no job overnight, to buying a business, and am now in the middle of renovations and implementing new protocols. Nuts!

Needless to say.....I kind of let my body get flabby. I mean, my fat pants got tight. My skinny jeans...ALL my jeans became skinny jeans. I couldn't take a good picture because my face was fat and shiny. Pizza the Hut stylz.

The kicker was, one evening, in the middle of the whole "dad bod" craze, someone very close to me told me that they didn't mind that I had a dad bod. I was that fat?

Dammmn. So I made a change.

I started watching my diet and forced myself to the gym again. But I was (and still am) working 6 days a week and was at the office 10-12 hours a day......I needed some help.

Let us talk about pre workout supplements.

One of my good friends from back in Richmond days started a supplement company a couple of years ago, and this thing has taken off. We were gym buddies way back in our teens, shooting hoops down at Fitness Unlimited, and now he runs a huge company. I am very proud of him.

You followers know that I am a skeptic of everything, but I went on his website, and started looking at the ingredients of his products......and I researched them. I was convinced that a couple of these products were at least worth a try.

My problem was that I would come home from work tired and unmotivated to hit the gym, and there is no way that I am getting up at 5 am for an early bird session. So I grabbed a pre-workout supplement.

At first I was pretty thrown off by the veiny, shredded model on the box, but I studied the ingredients.....and....this product is actually crazy. You are feeding your muscles the energy they need to be able to push yourself harder (creatine), and are impoving blood flow to the muscles (l-citrulline), which feeds them oxygen and nutrients. I can actually get an awesome workout in, even if I come home a bit drained.

Did it help? Well, I am down 2 inches and probably ten pounds in one month. No joke. (I am not taking gym selfies, sorry). My fat pants are fat pants again. I don't like skinny jeans anymore, but I fit them again! I am still a bit chubs because I love beer and wings, but I am getting back in to a healthier body. Taking the supplement alone is not the is putting in the hours at the gym and cutting back on the mindless snacking, but this really helps me get full workouts in after a long day.

I have already reviewed some of the ingredients that are in this product, but I will spend the next couple of blog posts breaking down the specific components and explaining what they are and looking at some evidence behind them.

I do want to make a disclaimer here. I have no affiliation with this product. I am not getting compensated for saying this. I pay full price even though I have known Markus since we were kids. Well, I did get a free shaker with my last order. It has just worked for me and I believe in the science behind some of the ingredients in the product.

Another disclaimer: always check with your doctor before starting a new workout program or taking new supplements, especially if you have heart, liver or kidney problems. :)

Please keep following along as we break down the science behind this pre-workout product.

Thanks for reading

Dr. Dave

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