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  • Dr. David Alfaro

We are keeping our COVID-19 protocols!

I get it. This has been a bad year. Restrictions are stifling. Wearing masks is frustrating. There is nobody more aware of the struggles that people have been going through than me and my team here at the office.

But the end is in sight! Vaccinations have been working! Restrictions are loosening! It is going to be great to finally be past this.

Our office, however, will not be lifting the COVID-19 protocols that we have implemented since the beginning of the pandemic. We believe that the best way to keep our patients and teammates safe is to be as strict as possible when it comes to health and safety initiatives.

This means that we are KEEPING THE MANDATORY MASK requirement to enter the office, and will also be expecting people to sanitize their hands upon entry.

To be honest.....this is likely going to be a forever thing.

As always, if you are medically unable to wear a mask, we kindly ask that you give us a heads-up when you are booking your appointment and we will find the safest time for you to visit the office---we will not permit entry without a mask without advanced notice.

If you have questions about this policy, please get in touch with me:

but.... please do not harass me or my team with "plandemic" or "human rights violation" or "don't you know restrictions have been lifted" has been a hard year and aint nobody got time fo that. If you object to this......simply do not visit our office.

Thank you to everyone for helping us keep our community safe!

Dr. Dave


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