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Soo......I bet many of you guys have noticed that I am not really keeping up my blog that much anymore. The truth is....videos seem to be more effective at reaching out to people, so now I am using my blog to supplement those clips.

In my most recent video I chatted about a couple of websites that I use to when I am trying to keep a healthy diet and exercise plan.

If you are considering watching what you eat, a great website is You can register for free and then quickly start adding recipes. It has a crazy list of foods and you can add them to a recipe in virtually any quantity. So if, for example, you are making smoothies for breakfast, you can add all of those ingredients individually to the recipe and see what you are actually consuming. It will show you simple things like calorie breakdown and fibre and stuff, but you can really get down to specifics, including minerals and vitamins. It does get a bit addicting!

For those who are looking interested in research on exercise and healthy active living, I like to refer to the Amercian College of Sports Medicine website: This website is a bit more cumbersome to navigate because it is geared towards health professionals and also has a general public section, but there is a whole bunch of information out there, and a lot if it is very applicable to the every day athlete! There is a whole section on "position stands" and a "brochures" section, which is a good place to start if you want a quick summary on a specific topic.

I don't know about you guys, but I am battling the winter belly, so I am back on the healthy diet and exercise bandwagon......during the week.....I have cheat meals on the weekend but still workout....I am only human :)

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Dave

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